What do we do exactly?

our services and packages

The Adventurer and The Strategist packages

There’s a certain amount of text that fits to a landing page so let me explain what happens after you send us your wish towards working with us using either of our packages.

So after you hit the button we will reach out to you in 24 hours. Depending on which package you intend to use we either send you a questionnaire to map out your current status and your plans (The Adventurer) or we have a personal skype call and dig a little deeper to help you build your international strategy and along that, your international career (The Strategist).

After we got to know you and your band’s preferences we do our homework and present you the potential matches.

Hopefully you like them and that’s the point when it gets real.

We help you find the best possible deal and circumstances to fix the gig.

What does that really mean? After we discuss your desires and needs in terms of an exchange concert we go through our database. There are three main pillars of a good match that we take into consideration:

1. Similarity of the music and following numbers:

A good match doesn’t necessarily mean that the exact same amount of people goes to see your shows and it doesn’t necessarily mean that both bands of a match plays the exact same genre. For example Bohemian Betyars and The Hatters were a good match because they share the same sort of energy on stage, they have similar aesthetics and that their local audiences intention is the same when they go to see their shows. They might differ in the exact number of live audience (2000-7000) but both bands’ live audience were satisfactory for one another when it comes to entering new music markets.

“The match was very precise. Deep Glaze fits us as professional musicians, as people to party with and we share the same aesthetics, a fresh combination.” – Black Metal Raccoons (FI)

2. Geographical preferences:

It is really important in a band’s life to have a strategy and to follow that strategy if possible. Bands who pursue an international career need to agree on a few focus countries (3 max.) where they would start building their fanbase.

“We had a chance to play in a huge club in Budapest for a great audience. It made it easier to book other gigs in Hungary.” – Baasch (PL)

3. What you give is what you get:

When it comes to negotiating the details of an exchange deal your match needs to see and understand what you can offer to them as well. What we have seen so far is that bands aspire for equal hospitality and equal deals. This common effort enables all bands to be treated well. It has never happened in our history that a band would play for free.

“This is the first time we ever played in Russia and the welcome of the band and audience was incredible” – Bohemian Betyars (HU)

Bohemian Betyars and supporting the Hatters in Saint Petersburg

When the exchange is fixed and everyone is happy we have a mid-term call (The Strategist) to see if we can help you with contacts to follow the previous strategy, we promote your show on our social media and make sure that all your songs that you intend to play on your show are correctly registered at your local copyright association.

Before the gig both bands involved in the exchange need to sign a contract to make it safe and all circumstances understandable for everyone.

After the gigs are done and hopefully you are happy with the result we make sure that your setlists are handed in to the copyright association.

It all ends with a last skype call (The Strategist) where you can tell us what you liked or disliked in the process and it all starts all over again, hopefully.