It’s time to write songs together!

write songs together

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I guess you are all fed up with the news talking about one thing and telling you to stay home for further notice. It means no touring for the upcoming weeks, months (?) but also raises the opportunity to do something different.

Have you ever wondered why so many artists are doing featurings and co-writing songs?

Because it works. It helps them. It enables them to engage with new fans, to try out something completely new, to develop their new sound. And because it’s fun to create together.

We invite you to stay with us on a little detour to make the most of the current situation and turn it to your advantage.

We can find you co-writing partners from the same genre or someone completely different. It’s up to you.

What do we have? An awesome matchmaking algo, hundreds of currently non-touring but internationally potential bands, loads of amazing performers and songwriters amongst them, many amazing partners all over Europe and beyond like radio pluggers, award winning producers, synch agents, distributors, pr agents and many more.

What shall come out of this? Great songs, co-written by matching artists from different countries, promoted and distributed by some of the best professionals you can find in the industry.

Are you in? Tell us a few things about yourself:

One thought on “It’s time to write songs together!

  1. I am a 24 year old singer songwriter from Helsinki. I’m looking for other songwriters to collaborate with. 🙂

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