How to plan a club season?

Booking gigs for your band.

Playing live is not just the fun part of being a musician but it is one of the most important things as well. This is when you can show how good your band actually is, express your gratitude towards your fans and when you can make money on a fixed or door deal or on selling your merch. The process of getting on stage is a long and winding road though and it starts with an overwhelming activity, booking. Most of the bands do all their booking totally on their own and it is not easy but you may have your own experience with it. Since the number of artists is growing meanwhile the number of live venues is decreasing, the fight for the greatest slots at the greatest clubs is hard and one has to be clever and well prepared to book and manage a great club gigs.

Where to start?

Be sure to have a plan! It is very important to have an idea of a timeframe of when you would like to play at an exact venue. It is much easier to handle from the bookers’ side as well because they are able to give you an answer right away if the venue is full on your proposed dates. When it comes to planning: you have to start early! Bookers and promoters start to fill up their calendars earlier every year and you have to make sure to reach out to them at the right time. Don’t be afraid to be too early. There’s no such thing like that in booking gigs. It is safe to say that planning 6-8 months ahead should be enough in most cases.