Help me brother! Part 2

We already wrote about what musicians do during quarantine but got so many responses and were forced to publish the second part of Help me, brother. This time Bo Ningen, Ivan Dorn, Gacha Bakradze, Sado Opera, Kalush and Good Wilson share with you their daily routine.

Bo Ningen, JP

Yuki Tsujji

“We write music separately now, obviously we can’t get together and rehearse at the moment, plus one of us is based in Amsterdam.  Personally I’m not inspired by the world really, so I try not to push myself to be creative, I’ve been just letting this through. With Bo Ningen we just launched our project this Monday it’s called A Found History: 6 days of exclusive rarities and sonic oddments from the past decade which chart a course through the band’s past and examine how our sound has evolved to encompass the material on our new album. Every day we release something from the past for a week, the very first rehearsal demo, live recordings, collaborations etc.

My advice is do not be hard on yourself. It’s fine to struggle and fine not to be able to be creative. If you feel like creating something – do it. But if you don’t, then just don’t. We all shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Watch films, read books, and try to listen to something you’ve been avoiding. I see this uncertain period more as a time for creative input”.

Sado Opera, DE

“We usually work on songs in a “sexual-orgy-way”: always involving a lot of different people, who are musically and aesthetically close to us for a passionate consensual collaboration. And so, the physical presence, people’s energy and participation are very important for us. This is one of the reasons why touring and live shows in general are an integral part of our creative process. Needles to say that now sexual orgies of all sorts are not welcomed. And this is quite challenging for us to keep trying to do our best staying mostly alone. Fortunately, “alone” in our case would mean at least three of us: Icky (our drummer and producer), Katya and Colonel. This threesome is responsible for delivering the newborn tracks now.

Actually, the internet is something that indeed helps during isolation in many ways: sexting, deliveries and all sorts of other online adventures are there to desire. And if you desire to work on music – have an online session! The hardest thing for us is the impossibility to perform a new song in front of our audience as we usually would have done otherwise. This is our main suffering and main longing right now: like lovers dream of kissing from a distance. But again, lovers can touch themselves in front of the cameras. And the same way we can upload our music to let our beloved ones listen to it!”

Ivan Dorn, UA

“From the beginning of 2020 I planned it as a gap year and didn’t even think I would be working. But there is always some work coming along because my team would never let me rest, make me do things, would it  be sharing posts on socials or something else.

Some collaboration offers are also hitting up time to time. If there was no quarantine I’d still have to be in the studio, be invited to some shootings or shows. Whatever happened – there wouldn’t be a full rest. So right now everything is pretty much simple – I’m at home with my family not stressing out if I’m not on the run because this is what I was waiting for. Right now I’m not rehearsing, posting to socials only when something comes to mind. This year for me is about stability and psychological balance. I’m resting, slowing down and hoping that I will be able to keep this tempo after all this is over. I wish everybody to stay healthy and be in harmony with themselves, take care of your loved ones and stay home!”

Gacha Bakradze, GE

“Covid-19 has likely flooded most news media we consume for a while now. That is probably going to remain for some time.  But too much negative information can be overwhelming, stressful and can cause anxiety.  it’s important for me to stay informed, but not absorb too much information. Instead I try to connect with loved ones and maintain a sense of peace. It’s very important to socialize with people and stay in touch with friends and family members. 

Also it’s important for me to have leisure time, to do usual activities like listening to music, reading, cooking etc..  i don’t stress too much to fill my newfound time with doing something meaningful, or productive – This is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, so I don’t feel like I need to push myself to be productive. It’s also very important to stay physically active,  I’m not a sporty person though, but when i make music in the studio, playing an instrument and or whatever can be a physical activity,  it has been like meditation for me ever since I started making music.”

Good Wilson, AT

Mario: “We are very disappointed that our tour got cancelled. Corona hit us hard during the peak of our album release, but we are super happy about the support of all the lovely people. We received many orders on our Bandcamp account and hope to be back on stage soon. Meanwhile we are trying to be creative and working on new songs.”

Günther: ” Now I have the time to tidy up in my flat and repot some plants. The situation made me very sad of course, but I also appreciate the deceleration of our everyday life. it kinda gave me some time to recharge my sources of creative energy and rethink a lot of paths I’m taking everyday, which became eventually my “hamster wheel” routine. The moment you realise how fast time / years went by is crazy. Its so easy to oversee it because we’re all time busy working, practising, etc. There are many ups and downs but the ups feel strong, giving me inspiration to write new music. So my idea is to try stay positive, talk to old friends and offer our time a certain added value.”

Julian: “I think the most important thing is, to try to stick to some sort of daily routine. So I’m trying to be my own strict boss now and make me sit at that table for some hours every day, making new music or finishing old songs. (and trying to find ways to be on social media without my boss noticing).”

Alex: “I’m trying to the perfect my New York style cheesecake recipe. I’ve also started taking some online music classes from my favourite pedal-steel player. This is not normally possible because he is usually touring, but just like every musician, he has a lot of down-time too these days and he’s announced that he wants to start giving online lessons. It’s a great opportunity for me and a silver lining to this empty madness we find ourselves in.”

Kalush, UA

“Even when you are quarantined when you are constantly at home, there is no problem with writing lyrics because the things you want to talk about are always with you, and you do not need to go somewhere to be inspired as you already have rich life experience inside. Now we have more time to prepare the material for our debut album. Of course, there is a place for muse, but if you’ll be waiting for it you can never have it, so you have to work constantly and muse will always come across. 

It’s not that easy to rehearse at home as I have thin walls in my apartment and neighbours always hear me, still they did not complain (yet). Ironically, quarantine started when I just got the idea to go deeper in sports, so I have time to do it at home, at least for a while. It is psychologically easy to quarantine, because there is always something to do. I had nothing to do it would be really difficult.  Our studio is not far from my house, so sometimes I go there to record and tightened up my mixing skills. It’s odd enough to be alone in the studio process, but I started liking it somehow.”

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