What do you do exactly?
We connect similar bands and DJs with each other and help them to grow their audience and to make more money through organizing exchange gigs.

What is an exchange gig?
Your band goes to another city and plays an opening slot with a local band. Then you invite them to play the opening slot with your band in your hometown to your local audience.

How do I benefit from it?
With exchange gigs you can grow your audience organically, reaching the people that are the easiest to convert to new fans both in real life and digitally. You are able to meet with like-minded people and get your foot in the door with clubs and whole music scenes. And most importantly you are able to make money on these gigs. Starting from the deal you make with your matching bands through royalties to digital remarketing and possible re-booking.

Is it possible to play abroad through Banding without offering an opening slot?
It is possible but most of the bands involved in matches will want the exact same thing or something equivalent of what they offer to you. You can still make a deal with them without exchanging anything, it’s just that bands will do more if they are incentivized.

Are you bookers, promoters?

What if I have a booking agent?
Good for you! Tell him/her about Banding and he/she will see if our service can be integrated into your workflow!

What’s the price?
See our offers!

Why should I trust you?
We as a team work together for a long time on projects like eastaste.net, Budapest Showcase Hub, BalconyTV Budapest or Newkidsfromthebloc. We are deeply connected to music and we would like to stay here, satisfy your needs and keep our promises.

Any other questions: