What is an Open Banding?

Essentially, it is an opportunity to exchange a gig with a specific live music act.

What is an exchange gig?

Let’s say you have 100 people in your hometown who show up at your concerts. But when you go to play somewhere else, you don’t have that 100 people there as well. So you find yourself a similar act with a 100 people audience of similar taste in music and you play with them for their audience. But somehow you have to balance this favor so you invite the other act back to your hometown to play a concert together for your 100 people audience.

You can do this with your audience of any size!

How is an Open Banding better than an exchange gig then?

Well, we do the research for you and we stay with you through the whole process and ensure that everything is safe for you!

How do I benefit from it?

With Banding you can grow your audience organically, reaching the people that are the easiest to convert to new fans both in real life and digitally. You are able to meet with like-minded people and get your foot in the door with clubs and whole music scenes.

Do you charge?

We are planning to implement paid features in the future but at this stage we only connect similar acts with each other and this will always be free.

Who pays for things?

We are here to connect you with similar acts and help you along the organization process but you have to make a deal with the matching band. Keep in mind that what you offer is what you get usually.

Are you bookers, promoters?

No, but feel free to ask if you need anything, we’ll try to help.

What if I don’t have an exact gig to offer?

Don’t shy away and back off that is for certain! You can do two things, 1. submit your Open Banding form without an exact timeframe or date and we’ll reach out to you to discuss your plans for the future and see where we can help you, 2. reach out to us directly at info@banding.app and we’ll get back to you!

What if I have a booking agent?

Good for you! Tell him/her about Banding and he/she will see if our service can be integrated in your workflow!

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet, but we are working on it. We are already matching acts with each other even without the app so it’s better to get to know you as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions please shoot a message to info@banding.app