We thought to start a blog to kick off a loose dialog with the DIY music community. We will go through a lot of topics, sharing what we know and hopefully you will be able to learn something new here and there. Let’s start with a little self-explanation.

The core of the Banding team works together for a long time. Started with eastaste.net, a music licensing agency and then Budapest Showcase Hub (a.k.a. BUSH), a showcase festival and conference based in Budapest, Hungary. We have worked with hundreds of bands and acts along the way, mostly from the Central & Eastern part of Europe. Seeing how they start out, how they struggle, how they succeed and more importantly how they always want something better than they already have, made us realize that the salvation of the artists lays in their own strong will shared with each other.


Exchange gig

It is a common routine among musicians but, in case you don’t know what an exchange gig is, here’s a brief explanation through an example:

Let’s say you have 100 people in your hometown who show up at your concerts. But when you go to play abroad, you don’t have that 100 people there for you. So you find yourself a similar music act with a 100 people audience of similar taste in music and you play with them for their fans. Somehow you have to compensate this favor in the future, so you invite the same music act back to your hometown to play a concert together for your 100 people audience. You have new fans in new cities. Everyone’s happy. You are friends for the rest of your lives.

This sounds easy. But finding your right partner in crime and make sure it’s worth the effort is everything but not easy.



We develop a toolset that will ensure that you find the best match for you. An algorithm that makes you comparable, a direct to fans ticketing system to keep more control over your promotion and a review and checklist system to help you avoid getting scammed. This is the near future.

To try our algorithm with a little manual help to play your first sold out show abroad and to start discovering your new fans click on the Open Bandings.

Good luck & stay gold


On the photo: Deep Glaze