“Help me, brother!”

Musicians about their songwriting process in quarantine COVID-19 put a lot of pressure on all of us and especially on the soft artistic souls of the industry. Symptoms are the same: creative misery accompanying a desire to roll into the blanket as befits a dead body. We asked musicians to share their personal stories on […]

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“That day we got drunk and I offered to write a feat.”

Ivan Kurochkin from Electroforez tells in detail about his feature track with Lюci and gives a number of handy tips to have the best experience with co-writing. “With Lюci we met in Kyiv, at a concert. Back then she worked with a producer with a nickname Bezhenets (Rus. refugee). And I wanted to make a […]

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The Grand Booklet of EU Showcase Festivals

For some musicians and music professionals showcase festivals serve as a door to success. Designed to bring together artists and music industry professionals, Showcase festivals are organised to connect people who can mutually benefit from working with each other whether it is getting exposure in foreign countries, finding a booking agent, label or looking for […]

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