Matchmaking app for bands and DJs

Real-life concert and promotional opportunities offered by bands to bands to share their own local audience and find their new fans in exchange.

Feels like home

We help bands to feel like they are playing for their hometown audience and forget the empty room wherever they go to play their music.

Similar bands, similar new fans

We help to find your best matches based on popularity, live audience, reference artists, genre or country.

Revenue growth

Playing to a new audience is great. What’s even better is to increase your royalties & fees, turn new audiences into fans who follow you, listen to your music and buys your merchandise.

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Quotes from those who rocked crowds together

Quotes from those who rocked crowds together

Fat & Cute

Budapest, Hungary

“Great match, we could easily organise the gigs with the other band!”

Genuine Jacks

Prague, Czech Republic

“We found a great band in the city we never played before. This can be very difficult. Banding also took good care of promoting the gig.”

Black Metal Raccoons

Helsinki, Finland

“The match was very precise. Deep Glaze fit us as professional musicians, as people to party with and we share the same aesthetics, a fresh combination.”

Deep Glaze

Budapest, Hungary

“The match was in tune though we’re different in our genres but share a similar vibe. The night had an eclectic vibe in a good sense. Fans gonna enjoy both bands.”